Extension of Christmas Light Removal Deadline

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Christmas Tree

Good afternoon everyone. Due to the on going lock down the Condo board is extending the deadline of removal of Christmas lights from Feb 28th to March 31st.

We understand that many families were not able to visit during the COVID lockdown and want to allow our wonderful complex Christmas lights to remain up until after the lock down lifts.

We will also be announcing the winners of the 2020 Holiday Decorating Contest shortly stay tuned!

Happy (Extended) Holidays!

Please do not feed the wildlife

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Hello everyone.
It’s come to the Condo Boards attention that we have had some residents feeding the local wild life. Unfortunately this has lead to animal control needing to be brought in for some unwanted visitors.

Help Keep Wildlife Wild  

Edmontonians take great pride in their parks and natural areas, many of which provide  opportunities for encounters with wild animals and birds. To help preserve the health of our  wildlife and prevent the overpopulation of certain species in our parks, the City is reminding  residents to refrain from feeding wild animals and birds, particularly geese. 

You might be asking why feeding wild birds or waterfowl is harmful. Here are a few reasons  why we ask for your co-operation. 

Avoid Overpopulation 

Feeding waterfowl can lead to overpopulation in urban parks and can have a negative impact  on our environment. 

• Large numbers of waterfowl in one area can damage the natural environment. It can  contribute to over-grazing, trampled vegetation, and soil erosion in our parks. 

• Excess uneaten food can spoil, which can poison wildlife and lead to bacterial growth in  the water. 

Keep them Healthy 

Feeding waterfowl can negatively impact their health and survival. 

• Waterfowl lose their natural fear of humans, which is crucial to their survival and the  maintenance of their instinctual behaviors. Animals that retain wild characteristics have  higher rates of survival in urban settings as they do not depend on hand-outs for food  and shelter. 

• Overcrowding of geese increases their stress & susceptibility to infections and diseases.  Examples include Cryptosporidiosis (which can also affect humans), viruses, and  parasites.

• Feeding waterfowl can cause dietary and digestive problems for the birds. 

• Most handouts, such as stale bread, crackers and pastries, have little nutritional value  and can contribute to malnutrition. 

• Feeding waterfowl disrupts natural behaviour, leading to dependency on humans for  food and delayed migration. 

Keep everyone Safe 

Feeding waterfowl increases physical and medical risks for humans. 

• Geese approaching humans for food can become extremely aggressive, which raises  safety concerns. 

• Large concentrations of waterfowl can lead to increased fecal matter in the surrounding  water and on the landscape. Increased feces are not just a sanitation issue, but can lead  to a variety of diseases and water pollution. 

• Excess feed may attract other species, such as mice, voles, squirrels, and pigeons. The City of Edmonton is committed to protecting our valued green spaces and the wildlife that  call them home. Together, we can ensure a healthy, natural environment.

Holiday Decorating Contest

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To help inspire everyone for this HOLIDAY SEASON

The Stonebridge Condominium Association

would like to announce:

A Holiday Decoration Contest!

1st Place will receive a $125.00 Gift Card

Second Place $75.00 Gift Card

Third Place $50.00 Gift Card

Forth Place $50.00 Gift Card

The rules are simple:

  • Take a picture of your beautifully decorated Condo (at night)
  • Email the photo along with your Name, Condo unit # and phone number to the before end of the day Dec. 12th
  • During the weekend of December 13th your Condo Board members will check out your amazing skills
  • And on December 18th the Winner, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place will be announced on the Website and their winning photos will be added to the website!
  • Prizes will be hand delivered on the weekend of the 20th.
  • And of course all decorations must be removed before the end of February 2021

If you have any questions please contact your Condo Board and Happy Holidays!

Sump Pumps

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Sump Pumps

Hello Everyone,

Its the time of year where the snow is melting and there is significant water on the ground.

As a reminder the pump in your unit protects the entire building, including your neighbours. Please be sure that your pumps are plugged in and working. See the Sump Maintenance Guide for details of how to check your pump.

If you have any questions or concerns please call Mark at 1-780-716-7723 or the Bridgegate office at 1-780-266-2778 extension 204.

The following units have sump pumps:


Stonebridge Annual General Meeting February 28 @7PM

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Hello Everyone,
Once again it is time for our Stonebridge Annual General Meeting.

The meeting will be on February 28, 2019 @7PM MST

Directions to Ellerslie Park

The Annual General Meeting is being hosted at the Ellerslie Rugby Park, 11004 Ellerslie Road SW.
Directions from Stonebridge Condo’s are displayed below:

We encourage all residents to attend and take an active roll in the management of the condo. Your feedback helps us build a better community!

You will have received an 2019 AGM package in the mail.
This package contains the following:

  • Our 2019 AGM Agenda
  • A proxy voting form, allowing another person to vote in your absence.
  • 2018 AGM Meeting Minutes
  • 2018 Annual Financial Audit
  • An outline of our expenses and income for the fiscal year. (April 2018)
  • An outline of our Reserve Fund (April 2018)
  • Our certificate of Insurance (2018-2019)

The meeting Agenda for the year is as follows:

  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of the Agenda
  3. Calling of the Roll and Certifying of Proxies and Unit Factors of the Owners
  4. Proof of Notice of the Meeting or Waver of Notice
  5. Approval of the Minutes of the Last Annual General Meeting
  6. Business Arising From the Minutes
  7. Reports By:
    • Chairman of the Board of Managers
    • Treasurer’s Report/Audit
  8. Appointment of Auditors
  9. Election of the Board for the 2019/2020 Term of Office
  10. New Business
  11. Adjournment.

We look forward to seeing you this year and hope you can make it!

Fences are here again for 2018

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Privacy Fence, After

Hello all,
We are offering Privacy Fences for sale again this year.
Owners can purchase a privacy fence for $1350.
Please contact Tamara by June 1st if you are interested in purchasing a fence.

The privacy fence consists of a gate that can be operated on either side.
For lawn care and fire evacuation purposes the gate does not lock.
The fence can be installed in a single day.
We will be installing the ordered fences in the month of October.

If you care to take a look at privacy fences we have one install in the yard of Unit 52.

For more details contact Anne-Marie Robidoux at Bridgegate

Over 70 unclaimed parking passes

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Visitor Parking

Hello everyone,

As of November of 2017 (last year) we required new and improved parking passes to park in Visitor Parking.

Over 70 units have yet to claim their parking passes. We strongly encourage people to pickup their visitor parking pass.

If you are aware of any of your neighbors who haven’t claimed a pass please forward this email along.

To receive your visitor parking pass please fill out a parking pass form below.

Owner Parking Pass Form

Tenant Parking Pass Form

Parking Passes can be retrieved in person at Bridgegate Property Management Group or can be delivered by mail.

You can contact Bridgegate Property management here

New parking passes are required to park in visitor parking.

Vehicles still showing the old parking pass will be subject to towing.