Lot Grading

In 2012, Stonebridge Corporation was informed by the City of Edmonton that the builder/developer had failed to file a Lot Grading Certificate (as required in drainage Bylaw 16200) when built. It was determined that not only was a Certificate not filed but a survey to determine if the grades met the lot grading plan had never been completed.

Stonebridge Corporation retained a professional surveyor to provide a Lot Grading Certificate to forward to the City of Edmonton as per their request. As a result of this, the City of Edmonton provided the Stonebridge Corporation with 2 pages full of deficiencies that need to be corrected. With the statute of legal limitation to go after the builder/developer being expired, it is the responsibility of all the owners to correct these deficiencies.

This is a massive project involving every unit in the complex. Some of the work required work on the eaves troughs and downspouts, of which most has been completed. The next phase includes regrading so that drainage grades away from the buildings. This will involve the area in-between all the buildings and also at the back of all the units. The sod will be removed, a new grade will be established and new sod will be put down, rolled and watered once. A 4 x 4 will be placed underneath the siding next to the foundation in the areas next to the cement patios. Beside the two units right next to the entrance, the work will involve removing the rocks and trees and regrading.

This work does not include doing anything to the fronts of the units at this time. The contractors are still determining what that will involve and that work will probably take place next year.

So as not to be too disruptive, this work will take place a section at a time.