Dog Poop

The amount of dog feces left on Stonebridge common grounds is astounding! Some interesting facts: One gram of dog poop has 23 million fecal bacteria;
And it can carry such things as Campylobacteriosis, salmonellosis; roundworms; coccidian; tapeworms; E.colil Giardia and Parvo.

ALWAYS BAG IT AND TRASH IT… Wastewater treatment is not designed to filter dog waste; Dog poop is the #3 cause of water pollution.
Do you really expect groundskeepers, site managers, other owners and children to deal with this? Please! Curb your dog,
In future, if it requires being cleaned up, the cost will be charged back to the unit.
Size limit of dogs permitted: up to 50 pounds only, with written Board permission.

All dogs must be leashed when on common property

If you see a dog running loose, please take a photo and report it to the Board, the unit # where the dog is from is required.