New Visitor Parking Program

Visitor Parking, or more correctly, the lack of available parking for visitors is one of the most often heard complaints to the board. In order to address this issue we will be implementing a visitor parking pass system with increased violation enforcement.

Starting in September, on the first Tuesday following the Annual General Meeting, all vehicles parked in Stonebridge Visitor Parking stalls must display a valid parking permit issued by the Board. Failure to display a valid parking permit will result in the vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense.A brief description of the program follows.

Each Unit Owner(s) (“the Owner”) will be issued one visitor parking permit upon request to the Board and presentation of the following information:

  • A valid Alberta Driver’s License to confirm the Owner’s identity; and
  • A valid title certificate for the Unit to confirm ownership

The Owner can authorize their tenant to receive a visitor parking permit on their behalf upon presentation of the following documents in addition to that stated above:

  • A letter confirming authorization to receive the parking pass on behalf of the Owner; and
  • A copy of the current lease

Only one visitor parking permit will be issued per unit. Visitor parking permits will only be issued to units that are not in arrears with their condominium fees. If a unit moves into arrears subsequent to the initial issuance of the visitor parking permit, the visitor parking permit will be considered invalid; use of such a visitor parking pass will result in the vehicle being towed. Visitor parking permits will be reinstated once condominium fees are brought current, and a reinstatement fee of $250 has been paid. Temporary visitor parking permits of fixed duration can be issued at the discretion of the Site Manager and/or members of the Board under the same conditions as above with the additional requirements that the license plate of the guest vehicle be provided prior to the temporary visitor parking permit being issued.

Parking permits, once issued, are the responsibility of the Owner. If a unit is rented or leased, the Owner will be responsible to provide the parking permit to their tenant(s). The Owner is also responsible to provide the parking permit to their tenant(s); tenants are subject to all Terms and Conditions stated within the Parking Enforcement Policy. In the event of the sale of a unit, parking permits issued to that unit will become void. Permits will be issued to new owners. In the event you change tenants, you are responsible for getting the pass back from your previous tenant to issue to the new one.

Owners, in good standing, may have lost or stolen permits replaced for a fee of $250. Previous parking permits issued to the unit will become void when notice of the loss or theft is received by the board or its agents.

Parking will still be subject to availability; pass does not guarantee a space.

Owners/tenants using their Visitor Permit for themselves will be identified and any Visitor Parking permits, including temporary visitor parking permits, issued to that unit will be immediately voided.
The Board of Directors will not reimburse towing costs for any reason. The Condominium Association accepts no responsibility or liability for any actions.

Thank you to everyone for your anticipated full cooperation.