Lot Grading Update

As everyone knows our condo complex has been undergoing grading for the last few years. Following contractual disputes last year we terminated the services of Do All Landscaping.
We are still working on getting quotes for the work this year.

What we have left to do:

  • Swale behind units 32-37 requires minor revision to slope
  • Downspouts on units 1-6 need to be rerouted to the swale behind units.
  • Sod, and rocks are not done behind units 18-19 and 24-25
  • Grading/Swale behind units 19-28 is not done and requires sod and rocks
  • Downspouts should be installed on all down pipes so that all the water drains away from the foundation
  • Grading and grass beside driveways of unit 58,99,121,127 need to be repaired
  • Settled area beside Unit 41(SE corner), Unit 42 (NW corner), Unit 69 (NE corner), Unit 140(east wall), Unit 149 (west wall), Unit 175 (east wall), Unit 158(west wall) need to be repaired