Progress Update, Grading, Downspouts, Asphalt, Paint, Steps.

Our complex has been busy with workers these last few weeks.

Downspouts and Eves work should be finished by the end of next week. We have had all the gutters inspected and cleaned, Downspouts should all be fixed or replaced by the end of this week.
Various workers will be on the roofs through out this week and next working on gutters.
Note that damage to the downspout is fine-able for tenants and owners damaging the downspouts.

Landscaping work should start by the end of August and finish around the end of September.

Asphalt work is 95% complete, we are waiting to confirm all the drainage before the last work will be finished.

In summary all grading and drainage work should be complete by the end of September.

Step painting for damaged and degraded steps has been completed. If you think your step should be looked at please email the board.

We will be starting on touch up painting for the Garage Doors with paint chipping away.