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Double Reminder, New Parking Passes required to park in the complex.

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Visitor Parking

Hello Everyone.

It has come to our attention that a significant portion of the condo complex still haven’t requested their visitor parking.

Please ensure you have the latest visitor parking pass. The deadline for new parking passes was November 15 2017.
To receive your visitor parking pass please fill out a parking pass form below.

Owner Parking Pass Form

Tenant Parking Pass Form

Parking Passes can be retrieved in person at Bridgegate Property Management Group or can be delivered by mail.

You can contact Bridgegate Property management here

New parking passes are required to park in visitor parking.

Vehicles still showing the old parking pass will be subject to towing.

Ants and Pest Control

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Hello Everyone,

It has come to our attention that some residents have been distributing pest control to some of the ants and undesirable bugs around the complex.

We ask that all residents instead inform our Site Manager of any pest issues.

Unfortunately some of the pest control residents have used has hurt some of the pets and the wild life in the neighborhood.

We ask you to please keep the the pets and wild life in mind.

Stonebridge’s Site manager will distribute pet friendly pest control to any problem areas.

ThankĀ  you for your cooperation.