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Over 70 unclaimed parking passes

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Visitor Parking

Hello everyone,

As of November of 2017 (last year) we required new and improved parking passes to park in Visitor Parking.

Over 70 units have yet to claim their parking passes. We strongly encourage people to pickup their visitor parking pass.

If you are aware of any of your neighbors who haven’t claimed a pass please forward this email along.

To receive your visitor parking pass please fill out a parking pass form below.

Owner Parking Pass Form

Tenant Parking Pass Form

Parking Passes can be retrieved in person at Bridgegate Property Management Group or can be delivered by mail.

You can contact Bridgegate Property management here

New parking passes are required to park in visitor parking.

Vehicles still showing the old parking pass will be subject to towing.

Cigarette Butts in the Complex

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Dumping Issue

Hello Everyone,
Just a friendly reminder that Cigarette butts being dropped outside the units is considered littering under the condo bylaws.
Units with cigarette butts found outside the units will be fined.
Cigarettes may be smoked in the complex but ash trays and collection bins must be brought inside after you are finished.

Never deposit cigarette butts into planters or bushes as they may ignite. Especially now that a fire ban is now in effect.


As an alternative to smoking we suggest looking up alternatives to cigarettes.
Consider investing in Electronic Cigarettes as they don’t produce butts and generally smell less.
Reducing or quitting smoking can greatly improve the long term health

Thank you and have a nice day.