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Holiday Decorating Contest 2020

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Unit 12

Good Afternoon Everyone.
We are proud to announce the winners of the Holiday Decorating Contest 2020.

1st Place: Unit 12 (Winner of $125.00 Gift Card)

2nd Place: Unit 27 (Winner of $75.00 Gift Card)

3rd Place: Unit 74 (Winner of $50.00 Gift Card)

4th Place: Unit 88 (Winner of $50.00 Gift Card)

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you so much our residents who put up lights and decorations this year

Snow Removal

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Good Afternoon! 

We have two large storms forecasted for February 4th and 5th. 

February 4th- 5 cm is expected from 6am-4pm

February 5th- 2-4 cm is expected from 3am-4pm

With this being said our removal plan will be as follows:

Thursday February 4th, Western Landscape will not come out for removal, they will let this storm pass through during the day, February 5th, Western Landscape will come out to clear, even though it will still be snowing, we will come and clear the site ensuring mass amounts of snow do not accumulate on site.  The snow will continue to fall till late afternoon Friday.  

Saturday morning, Western Landscape will send full crews out to do a full clear, the following Monday, February 8th we will send crews to do site touch ups and checks.

With these two large snow falls, the amount of snow on StoneBridge’s roadways will likely be substantial.

If at all possible we ask that our residents keep the road ways clear on Feb 5th and Feb 8th to facilitate snow removal. If you park on the street during these days Western Landscape will be able to clear the snow from your driveways.