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Issues with Dumping

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Dumping Issue

Hello Everyone, please note that there is no dumping in the complex.
Do not leave large furniture or items beside the garages as it is an additional charge to have any items picked up.
Anyone caught dumping will be charged to have the materials removed.
Also note that the City of Edmonton does not remove large items placed in the dumpsters such as TVs and Pallets.
Please dispose of large items during big bin events or at your local Eco Station.


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Dumping Issue

Large furniture items being dumped in and beside the garbage garages continues to be a problem with a significant cost to all of us to take care of it.

The Board has decided to bring in a big waste bin every 3 months to help take care of the problem.

If you have something large you want to get rid of and can’t take it to the dump or the Eco-Station, please hang on to it in anticipation that you can put it in the bin within 3 months.

Please do not place it beside the garbage area and make it somebody else’s problem.  Thank you.

Driveway Extensions

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The Board has considered driveway extension requests for the last several years.

There is a limited amount of green space on our property as is and we do not wish the whole area to be a concrete jungle.

Therefore the Board at their February meeting, decided to put a cap on the driveway extensions and we will no longer be granting permission to install an extension to driveways.