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Snow Removal

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Good Afternoon! 

We have two large storms forecasted for February 4th and 5th. 

February 4th- 5 cm is expected from 6am-4pm

February 5th- 2-4 cm is expected from 3am-4pm

With this being said our removal plan will be as follows:

Thursday February 4th, Western Landscape will not come out for removal, they will let this storm pass through during the day, February 5th, Western Landscape will come out to clear, even though it will still be snowing, we will come and clear the site ensuring mass amounts of snow do not accumulate on site.  The snow will continue to fall till late afternoon Friday.  

Saturday morning, Western Landscape will send full crews out to do a full clear, the following Monday, February 8th we will send crews to do site touch ups and checks.

With these two large snow falls, the amount of snow on StoneBridge’s roadways will likely be substantial.

If at all possible we ask that our residents keep the road ways clear on Feb 5th and Feb 8th to facilitate snow removal. If you park on the street during these days Western Landscape will be able to clear the snow from your driveways.

Sump Pumps

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Sump Pumps

Hello Everyone,

Its the time of year where the snow is melting and there is significant water on the ground.

As a reminder the pump in your unit protects the entire building, including your neighbours. Please be sure that your pumps are plugged in and working. See the Sump Maintenance Guide for details of how to check your pump.

If you have any questions or concerns please call Mark at 1-780-716-7723 or the Bridgegate office at 1-780-266-2778 extension 204.

The following units have sump pumps:


Ants and Pest Control

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Hello Everyone,

It has come to our attention that some residents have been distributing pest control to some of the ants and undesirable bugs around the complex.

We ask that all residents instead inform our Site Manager of any pest issues.

Unfortunately some of the pest control residents have used has hurt some of the pets and the wild life in the neighborhood.

We ask you to please keep the the pets and wild life in mind.

Stonebridge’s Site manager will distribute pet friendly pest control to any problem areas.

Thank  you for your cooperation.

New Trees

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We have contracted HML Contracting to replace the missing trees around the property and grind down any remaining stumps.

HML will perform the following before winter comes:

  • Stump grind 23 stumps from trees that have been cut down on property.
  • Supply, plant and stake 29 2″ caliper trees throughout the property at Stonebridge.
  • Trees will be selected to be hardy and to compliment the existing planting plan on the property.
  • It was counted that 29 trees are missing from areas all around the property. Trees will be watered in and Stonebridge will be responsible for maintaining wand watering after that.

You should see some trees going in this month. Many are already on site.

Grading, Close but no Cigar

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Hello Everyone,
The City of Edmonton got back to us about passing our grading inspection.
Unfortunately we still need to do more work to meet the city’s approval.

In total this additional work will cost the condo corporation approximately $22000 to complete.

The following work will need to be done:

Retaining wall behind units 42-47

We will be constructing an 12″ tall, wooden 4×6″ retaining wall outside of units 42-47. The retaining wall will be constructed 18″ from the fence line and the grade will be raised in this area to redirect water into the swale. The wall will be constructed on road crush. The affected areas will have to be re-sodded.

Unit 42 side area

The grading will have to be raised higher along the foundation of Unit 42. The sump outlet will be directed appropriately and the whole area will be re-sodded.

Unit 149 side area

The grading will have to be raised higher along the foundation of Unit 149. The whole area will be re-sodded after the grading is done.

Unit 140 side area

The grading will have to be raised higher along the foundation of Unit 140. The whole area will be re-sodded after the grading is done.

Unit 69 side area

The grading will have to be raised higher along the foundation of Unit 69. The whole area will be re-sodded after the grading is done.

Unit 105 beside driveway.

A new swale will be created beside Unit 105’s driveway. The grading along the foundation will have to be raised, the whole area re-sodded after the grading work. The sump pump outlet will be directed appropriately away from the unit.


Dryer Vents

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Hello Everyone,
We will be replacing dryer vents in the complex starting on May 31st at 1pm.
We ask that all units please move your patio furniture for easy access to the dryer vents.

There are 2 dryer vents per condo. One should be beside your patio door, and the other near the other side of the concrete pad.
Please make sure to clear a path so that we can access the vents without damaging anything.

Thank you for your cooperation.

2016 Reserve Fund Study

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As some of you are aware every 5 years we are required to do a reserve fund study.
We opted to conduct a reserve fund study earlier than this due to unexpected expenditures doing the grading upgrades and repairs.
This year we hired Wade Engineering Ltd to conduct the study. Wade Engineering has been doing engineering, repair and replacement estimates since 1986 as an independent consulting firm. They came highly recommended to us from our Bridgegate Property Management.

2016 Reserve Fund Study

Based on our reserve fund study we have opted to increase our annual contribution to our reserve fund from our current $90,000.
We will allocate $130,020 a year to the fund in 2017 and $165,480 a year in 2018.

These increases are largely due to us dipping into the reserve fund early for grading work for the last two years.
We are also expecting extensive attic work that will need be carried out in the following few years.

We will need to increase our Condo Fees to accommodate the projected shortfall in the reserve fund.

Wade Engineering had conducted the survey prior to our September construction season so some of these items have already been fixed.
We have already completed the majority of downspout work recommended in the report.
The asphalt and storm drain repairs have already been complete.

Preliminary Grading Work Complete

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As many of our overjoyed residents have noticed we finally have completed our grading project as we set out to do 2 years ago.
As of today our scope of work for the project is complete and we are awaiting final city approval for the Grading plan.
Sod has been laid down in all areas of the complex.
We ask that drivers park carefully to ensure they keep tires off the grass.
The grading has been surveyed, the results forwarded to the City inspector.
The downspouts have been repaired to ensure proper drainage away from the buildings and into the swales.

We are currently awaiting the City Inspectors report to determine if any further changes are required.
Thank you for your patience in this matter.

Progress Update, Grading, Downspouts, Asphalt, Paint, Steps.

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Our complex has been busy with workers these last few weeks.

Downspouts and Eves work should be finished by the end of next week. We have had all the gutters inspected and cleaned, Downspouts should all be fixed or replaced by the end of this week.
Various workers will be on the roofs through out this week and next working on gutters.
Note that damage to the downspout is fine-able for tenants and owners damaging the downspouts.

Landscaping work should start by the end of August and finish around the end of September.

Asphalt work is 95% complete, we are waiting to confirm all the drainage before the last work will be finished.

In summary all grading and drainage work should be complete by the end of September.

Step painting for damaged and degraded steps has been completed. If you think your step should be looked at please email the board.

We will be starting on touch up painting for the Garage Doors with paint chipping away.