Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about living in our community and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to


Are air conditioners allowed?

The use of air conditioners is not permitted in windows; however the Board will allow professionally installed ground units, pending review and approval. Air Conditioners must be installed behind the units in the patio area (left or right of the patio door). End units are not permitted to install air conditioner units on the sides of the buildings as these are designated fire lane areas to permit fire truck access to the rear of the units. Please review our Centeral Air Conditioner Policy and our Portable Air Conditioner Policy for more details.

Can satellite dishes be installed?

Satellite dishes are only allowed to be installed on the roof, behind the chimney. Wires are not to visibly run down the side of the units. Dishes are not to be placed on the roof over the garage or on the back patio. All installations must be approved by the Board and installation instructions as provided by the Board adhered to. Our satellite dish policy is outlined here.

What do my condo fees go to?

The bulk (more than half) of your condo fees goes towards the Reserve Fund for the Corporation. The Reserve Fund is money the corporation puts aside to fund future major repair and replacement of all capital components of the common elements, i.e. new roofing, fence and siding replacements, new windows. The second largest chunk goes toward the insurance the corporation is required to carry, covering the buildings, commonly owned property and liability insurance. Portions also go towards the property management company, Bridgegate, for taking care of the corporation’s business, i.e. paying taxes, paying utilities, hiring contractors, keeping accounts of funds, etc. Note that nothing is paid to the Board who work on behalf of all the owners, with the property management, on a volunteer basis. Grounds upkeep, snow removal and ongoing maintenance, i.e. cleaning up the garbage sheds, fixing missing shingles, damaged fencing, and the electricity used on the property for street lighting, etc. are also part of the expenses.


I would like to make changes outside my unit, is this allowed?

Any additions or changes that are going to be made to the outside of your unit need to be approved by the Board. This includes outside screen doors, patio extensions. Nothing is to be attached to the siding, i.e. signs, flower pots, etc. For information on the types of storm doors that have been approved for the property, view the Storm Door Policy.