Progress Update, Grading, Downspouts, Asphalt, Paint, Steps.

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Our complex has been busy with workers these last few weeks.

Downspouts and Eves work should be finished by the end of next week. We have had all the gutters inspected and cleaned, Downspouts should all be fixed or replaced by the end of this week.
Various workers will be on the roofs through out this week and next working on gutters.
Note that damage to the downspout is fine-able for tenants and owners damaging the downspouts.

Landscaping work should start by the end of August and finish around the end of September.

Asphalt work is 95% complete, we are waiting to confirm all the drainage before the last work will be finished.

In summary all grading and drainage work should be complete by the end of September.

Step painting for damaged and degraded steps has been completed. If you think your step should be looked at please email the board.

We will be starting on touch up painting for the Garage Doors with paint chipping away.

Steps and Stone

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As a continue effort to save some of our crumbling steps we have been applying a non slip sealant to steps in poor or degrading condition.
During the painting and drying process your door mat, plants and decorations may be placed to the side.
The sealant only takes a few hours to dry and owners/tenants may return the items to how you desire once that is done.

We are also going around the complex to repair crumbling or missing stonework on the front of units this should be complete by the end of the year.

Thank you for your time and understanding.

Grading, Drainage and Roadway Update

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As many of you are well aware we have had some major grading work done around the complex.
We now have accepted a quote from HML Contracting LTD to complete the work that was left unfinished by Do All Landscaping. HML will complete the remaining work as outlined in this post
This work should be complete by the end of 2016.
We have also hired Splashdown Eaves to replace any damaged downspouts around the complex and re route any downspouts as required by the new drainage plan.
Our roadways have developed a few pot holes and sinkage around the complex has resulted in some of the man holes being higher than the lowest points in the road.
We will have Smart Fix Asphalt repairing the various potholes and will be lowering several man holes to fix any drainage problems.

Thank you everyone for your continued patience with the board while these improvements are underway.

Privacy Fences

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Privacy Fence, After

Hello all,
We have begun an initiative at various owners request to install optional privacy fences.
Owners can purchase a privacy fence for introductory price of $1250+GST. Orders and payment in full must be done by July 25th at Noon for this years fence installation.
The privacy fence consists of a gate that can be operated on either side.
For lawn care and fire evacuation purposes the gate does not lock.
The fence can be installed in a single day.
If you are interested in purchasing a privacy fence we will be installing the fences in batch during August.

If you care to take a look at the new privacy fences we have our first install in the yard of Unit 52.

For more details contact Tamara at Bridgegate

Lot Grading Update

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As everyone knows our condo complex has been undergoing grading for the last few years. Following contractual disputes last year we terminated the services of Do All Landscaping.
We are still working on getting quotes for the work this year.

What we have left to do:

  • Swale behind units 32-37 requires minor revision to slope
  • Downspouts on units 1-6 need to be rerouted to the swale behind units.
  • Sod, and rocks are not done behind units 18-19 and 24-25
  • Grading/Swale behind units 19-28 is not done and requires sod and rocks
  • Downspouts should be installed on all down pipes so that all the water drains away from the foundation
  • Grading and grass beside driveways of unit 58,99,121,127 need to be repaired
  • Settled area beside Unit 41(SE corner), Unit 42 (NW corner), Unit 69 (NE corner), Unit 140(east wall), Unit 149 (west wall), Unit 175 (east wall), Unit 158(west wall) need to be repaired

Basements, Bedrooms and Renovations

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We have had a few inquiries about basement bedrooms and basement renovations.
To be clear there are a few hurtles to get over when renovating a basement.

First owners should put together a detailed plan with proposed electrical, sewage and water hookups listed.
The plan should have measured wall lengths and detail any windows.
The renovation plan must follow our Unit Renovation Policy. And be submitted in writing for board approval.

Basement renovations require permitting and inspection by a City of Edmonton.
An outline of all the City requirements for basements can be found on their basement permitting page..

For basement bedrooms a basement window is required to permit safe exit from the building in the event of a fire.
Unfortunately none of the units in the Stonebridge complex are capable of meeting this regulation. As such basement bedrooms cannot be installed in the complex.
Options for the basement include building a rec room, gym or a home theater. Bathrooms may be installed drainage permitting.

Big Bin by Garage 2

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Dumping Issue

Hello Everyone we are running the Big Bins again.
This time we have moved the bin to the visitor parking area by Garage 2. This is by units 20-24 on the east side of the complex.
We are running this one a little longer than usual do to demand. We have already emptied the bin once and we will keep the bin around until it is full again.


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Hello everyone,
Hear that sound?
That’s your doorbell.
Or lack there of….
Just a reminder to owners that door bells are part of your property and responsibilities.
Please replace broken doorbells with similar doorbells to match the rest of the units.

Our site manager is willing to replace door bells, for a small fee if you are unable or unwilling.